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Training With Nicki Podworny

If you told me 9 years ago that I would now be a personal trainer, I would have said you’re crazy! My life was very different back then.
Although fitness and healthy eating has always been a part of my lifestyle, I let it fall by the way side. I was overweight, very insecure and depressed!

I knew something had to change as it was not only affecting me, but my family as well. I began introducing clean eating and exercise back into my life. In 3 weeks I had lost 11 pounds, inches off my body, and was starting to get my confidence back. I was feeling like I was the wife, mother, and friend that I had always wanted to be, but felt was lost for a very long time!!

I didn’t stop there!!! I had always wanted to compete in women’s bodybuilding but felt it was something I could never achieve! It’s
amazing what you can accomplish when your body is only going to go where your mind tells it to! I loved the discipline, extremely hard work, and being in the best shape of my life! At 43 I placed 3 rd in women’s figure at the IDFA, and again the year after!

This process taught me a lot about myself! In the past I would start a lot of things but would never finish them. Believe me, I wanted to give up the grueling training and strict eating many times!! For the first time in
my life, I believed in myself enough to finish what I had set out to do! I didn’t compete with anyone else on that stage except myself! Of course I was happy that I placed top 3 two years in a row, but it wasn’t about that at all! I proved to myself that with hard work and belief ANYTHING is possible!!

This is why I became a personal trainer! I am passionate in helping people become the best possible version of themselves!! I’ve been where you are, and understand just how hard it is to get started! Taking that first step and creating a lifestyle change is something that we will accomplish together at Essenza Training!

It doesn't matter who you are - no one is an island!  Everyone needs that support, that boost, that person who has been there to help guide them to where they would like to be.

Here's how Essenza Training can help you...

Certified Trainer

Nicki is a certified personal trainer with the ISSA (International Sports
Science Association). Qualified in training clients with obesity,
pregnancy, diabetes, the elderly, youth, heart disease and more.
Recently updated in CPR and First Aid.

Personal Transformation

Nicki will transform your body, mind, and attitude! Customizing a
workout and meal plan that is just right for you. She will help you to
create a lifestyle change that you will be able to maintain. Enjoy
workout sessions in the comfort of her private training studio where it’s
just you, Nicki ,and where your transformation process awaits!

Accountability & Goal Setting

Essenza training will be with you every step of the way on your fitness
journey. Helping you to stay on track with workouts and clean eating
with daily accountability! Whatever your fitness/weight loss goals are,
Nicki will be with you every step of the way to ensure that you are
successful with every single goal that you set out to achieve!

Client Testimonials

I have been working with Nicki (Essenza Training) since February of this year and I honestly have no regrets what so ever!! Nick is so helpful through out the whole thing! If you have a question about anything like how to do a work or if you eat something, she answers you in a heartbeat! She is ALWAYS there to help you through the tough times in your new lifestyle and gives you tips on how to make your cravings not so bad.

She can be hard on you but that is only because she can see your potential and wants to help you get to it! I totally, 1000%, recommend Essenza training if you really want to get healthier and be a better version of yourself!

Sarah Keller

I started working with Nicki in February and have really enjoyed the experience. I was very nervous at first for fear of failure, but that was soon elevated as Nicki continued to encourage me. I joined her 6 week challenge and things really clicked for me then. It’s great to have a team behind you supporting all you do!

Nicki not only provided workouts that catered to my schedule and abilities but also showed me how to use nutrition as fuel for my body. I look forward to continuing my journey and appreciate all she has helped me with!

Adrienne Heibert

I have had the pleasure of working with Nicki at Essenza Training for almost 6 weeks now and I have lost over 20 lbs. 

That is no easy task over the holidays when you are surrounded by temptation and treats and holiday festivities but she kept me on track, checked in with me often and didn’t let me stray away from my goals. That helped me get through 3 weeks of vacation, constant junk food in sight and Christmas treats all around me. 

Nicki has tailored my work outs to accommodate a knee injury and made sure that I had the knowledge and proper guidance to work hard but not do any further damage to it. 

She seems to know the days that I am beginning to waiver as I get a very motivational message to start the day and that reins me back in.  She knows when to push me. I give up on myself very quickly and that’s when she reminds me that I can do this. 

If you are starting to think it’s time for a change - that you and your health are number one, then Nicki is your trainer. I highly recommend Essenza Training for your life changes. She will design a meal plan that suits your likes and dislikes, offer some great recipes and create a proper workout routine that suits your body and your needs. 

Here’s to a new me in 2019 because of Essenza Training!

Leann Bower


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